My History with the Bruiser

The year was 1985 and I was in High School, Yes I was a 80’s teen. I remember being in electronics class and a senior brought in this R/C Truck based on a Toyota 4×4, I had never heard of a Bruiser let alone the name Tamiya. He told me his plans were to put a working radio in it so it could play tunes while he was driving around, and lights and blinkers if he had time. I was so interested in his truck and ideas of his modifications, I offered to help.It was the first time I had done anything like this and it turned out pretty nice considering the larger electronics we had back in the 80’s. After seeing his Bruiser and finding out the cost, it was on my want list and the beginning of my love for Tamiya.

Through the years I have had many Tamiya’s starting with my first The Blackfoot, I had never been able to put together the funds for a original Bruiser at the collector pricing and I have too many hobbies. Fast forward to the present, and my original goal has been reached. I know there are those that say its not the same as the original 58048, I do not care in many ways this one is better. Tamiya has taken a classic and kept that original touch with some current technology advancements. I am not keeping this in the box so it does not bother me it is not 100% as the original.


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