Well it’s been sitting in the cupboard for seven months now and I couldn’t keep myself from building it any longer.

While I know that there are a lot of Bruiser builds on this forum (many that are far better that this will be), this is more to just document and have a record for myself of this truck. I don’t plan on doing any modifications really (just will add the slipper clutch) and want to make it true box art. Like all my other builds, it’ll be fast! Once I start I’m addicted and have to keep building!

Besides… who doesn’t like seeing people build Bruisers ;)

Like many on here, this truck is one of my Holy Grails so to speak. I never had just that one model that I always wanted (although the 959 Porsche and this were close!) but I suspect like all of us that are of a certain ilk, seeing this in a hobby store in the 80s high up on a shelf for a price that was inconceivable, made it truly out of touch. Also this fascination with how a three speed transmission like this would even work blew my mind!

I don’t think it should also ever go without saying for anyone who stumbles across this thread outside of forum members that this kit is literally the best quality Tamiya kit I have ever (and I am sure most would agree) have ever built.

The quality of parts, the all metal (literally most of the kit is metal) and the fitment of it all is a thing of beauty. Anyone who has even a mild mechanical or engineering leaning would wet themselves over how awesome this truck it.

The stunning Tamiya cardboard box ;)

*Insert biblical sound when box opens*

See full post here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/79063-jds-bruiser-build/


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