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HG P407 (Tamiya Bruiser Clone / 타미야 브루져 카피) | Test Session - Can it Climb?

Can HG P407 (Tamiya Bruiser Clone) climb? I take it out to a local park to check out its climbing and descending abilities.

HG P407 actually does pretty decently in current, minor, modified form. I have 3 main key performance enhancing modifications done to it: 1) steering servo relocated to front end, 2) changing out the stock tires, and 3) upgraded ESC to Hobbywing 1080. Other modifications have been either free, ie. removing 1 leaf springs from each corner, "Chino mod", etc..., or changing the scale look, ie. LED lights, removed the half-cab and added rollbar, interior painted and added figure, added front wheel spacers to match the front track with wider rear tracks, etc...

After driving it around for few hours, I can honestly say that HG P407 will be tough (and too expensive) to make it into a real crawler. It was never meant or designed to be a rock crawler. However, it still climbs fairly well, and it is a great trail truck which is its true identity. That being said, it can definitely benefit more by adding weight to the front end and changing out the too firm stock foams.

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