Here’s my Tamiya Bruiser (Vintage) except for the body and RC4WD gearbox and MIP driveshafts.

Have been working on this truck for nearly two weeks.

When I got it, the chassis was partially assembled and I had a box full of parts (some extras and some parts missing).

Thank goodness to the internet, I was able to source some info and most importantly, some missing vintage parts (minor).

Overall, it has been a fun restoration/build and the below pictures shows what it looks like at nearly 100% completion.

What’s left:

1) front bumper
2) miscellaneous body accessories

Also, I will rebuild (one day) the original 3 Speed Transmission but until then, I will be running the awesome RC4WD gearbox (has mechanism to switch between 2WD and 4WD).

I would also like to thank the following for some help/guidance and parts as I would not have gone this far without:

YJ_Driver (RCO)

Here’s the result…….



See full post here:



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